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Unlike the majority of flakes on the market that claim to be easy to spray – House of Kolor’s deliver on that promise. Ultra thin polyester makes HOK Flakes the lightest and easiest to use. We have a generous variety of colors, including our innovative Kameleon color shift flakes. HOK Flakes are available in 5 sizes to create any look or finish. For a great retro look, use a chunky flake over a contrasting Kandy Basecoat for real head-turning appeal. For a subtle shimmer of flake, try Translucent Flakes that allow more of your base coat to shine through the flake particle. In addition, Flakes can be added to any of the HOK SG Karriers and Klears


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Apricot, Dark gold, F70 – Translucent Red/Gold, F71- Translucent Green/Gold, F72- Translucent Blue/Green, F73 – Translucent Violet/Red, Fine Rainbo, Fireball, Fuschia, Green, Kamen blue, Lite gold, Mini fireball, Mini kamen blue, Mini pink rose, Mini rich gold, Orange, Pink rose, Rainbo, Red, Rich gold, Royal blue II, Silver


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